1700 Litre Carbon Steel Tank

48" x 48" x 70 9/16", 1700 Litre / 449USG, Tare 350Kg / 772Lb

GT Series - Carbon Steel Construction For Lubricants / Oilfield Industry, Mining Industry, Class III Flammables, UN31A Transportable IBC, IMDG IBC, Viscous Lube Oil & Grease, 37 Degree Hopper Bottom To 3” Drain, Side Pocket For Grease Pump.

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  • Standard 16" Betts CAD Plated Lid With Flip Open Hatch, Gasket, & Bolted Ring Closure (Different Style Lids Available In Sizes From 8" Up To 22.5").
  • Standard 2" Polyethylene Filtered Vacuum Vent.
  • Standard Front Pocket Sump With 3" Camlock Fitting For Installation Of Grease Pump.
  • Standard 37 Degree Hopper Bottom To Forward Facing 3" Drain Pipe.
  • Standard Drain Is 3" Full Port Brass Ball Valve Which Comes Equipped With Teflon Ball Seats, And 3" Polypropylene Male Camlock / Dust Cap. (Available In Stainless Steel, & With Female Couplers).
  • Standard 4-Way Forklift Entry.
  • Standard Industrial Finish Is Oxide Primer With Enamel Finish (Available SP6 Sandblast Surface Prep, Epoxy Primer, & Urethane Finish).