1587 Litre Polyethylene Tank

48" x 48" x 68.75", 1587 Litre / 419USG, Tare 258Kg / 569Lb

P Series - 3/8” Thick Polyethylene Bottle, Rigid Steel Frame, For Corrosives, Lubricating Oils, Edible Oils & Ingredients, Aqueous Solutions, Water Treatment Chemicals, UN31HA1 Transportable IBC, IMDG IBC, Tapered Total Drain Bottom.

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  • Heavy Duty 3/8" Thick, Roto-Molded Inner Polyethylene Bottle With Tapered Total Drain Bottom. Bottle Is Translucent For Easy Viewing Of Product Level.
  • Standard 7" HDPE Threaded Lid With Santoprene Lid Gasket, & Coated Stainless Steel Anti-Loss Tether Cord (Available In 10" HDPE Threaded Lid For TDG).
  • Standard 2" Automatic Mechanical Combination Pressure & Vacuum Relief Vent Installed In Top Threaded Lid.
  • Standard 2" Full Port, Polypropylene Ball Valve With Teflon Ball Seats, Lockable Handle, EPDM Or Viton O-Rings Seals, Integral Male Camlock & Dust Cap. (Available Up To 3" Size, Available In Brass Or Stainless Steel, Available As Butterfly Valve).
  • Standard 2" Santoprene Full Faced Flange Gasket, 1/4" Thick. (Available In White Buna, Viton-A, Or EPDM).
  • Heavy Duty Stackable 3-High Steel Frame With 3" x 3" x 3/16" Angle Corners & Built In Lifting Lugs, Vertical Sliding Valve Protect Door, Front & Rear Safety Anti-Tip Plates. (Available 12" High Kick Plate, Full Inside Panels, 4-Way Safety Anti-Tip Plates.
  • Frames Are Powder Coated Finish.
  • Hawman UN31HA1 Stainless Steel Specification Plate Affixed To Frame.
  • Adhesive Calibration Label In Litres & U.S. Gallons Affixed To Frame.
  • Certified for Up To 1.4 Specific Gravity.